Tips to Help You Stay Safe Running When its Dark – Part 2

In our previous post (Part 1 of this series) we introduced the potential challenges when running in low light or dark conditions and highlight some broad brush considerations on how to ‘Be Smart, Be Seen, Be Safe™’ in these circumstances. In this post we introduce 5 initial tips as part of our  ‘Be Smart’ considerations when running in low/poor light conditions such as at dawn or dusk or at night when it is completely dark.

1. Carry Some Form of  ID with You

No matter if it’s a driver’s license in your pocket or an ID bracelet/tag with emergency contact information on it, make sure you always have ID along with you while you are out running as it will prove useful if first responders need to identify you and get in touch with family and friends in the event of you getting into difficulty.

2. Always Bring Your Cellphone

Bringing your phone when running in the dark is a very important part of helping you to remain safe. In the event of anything happening while you are out running you would able to contact family or friends to alert them that you need assistance. It is essential that you are able to contact the police immediately if anything happens to you or you notice something out of the ordinary, so carrying your cellphone while running at night is extremely important.

3. Pay Attention to Your Surroundings & Trust Your Instincts

Always pay attention to what’s surrounding you regardless of how many safety measures you take to keep yourself protected. If something does not appear right or perhaps you feel that you’re getting into a dangerous situation, trust your intuition and move away from the possible danger swiftly and to a less risky location. It’s always advisable to be a little over cautious rather than seriously hurt or killed. Finally, you should always call the police should you become aware of anything suspicious.

4. Watch out for Bikes, Runners and Pedestrians

Whether or not you happen to be running on a path or in a park with no automobiles, always bear in mind other pedestrians, joggers and cyclists. Before you decide to stop or turn around, make sure your path is clear. This recommendation is applicable to jogging in both daytime and darkness.

5. Avoid Extreme Weather Conditions

Don’t be afraid to play the “weather card” in severe climate conditions and go to the health club instead and just run on the treadmill. You should get in a better quality training session and be back on the roads safely again when the weather passes.

Coming Up Next …. In our next post (Part 3 of this series) we will continue to look some more ‘Be Smart’ considerations of running in low/poor light conditions such as at dawn or dusk or at night when it is completely dark.

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