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Stay 8 times safer wearing a safety reflector when out Running

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Increase your visibility to more than 650ft when out Cycling

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Improve your visibility by a factor of 5 when out Walking

Utilis Products designs, manufactures, markets and sells products for Sports and Outdoors. Our initial product focus is on Reflective Safety Gear marketed under the brand name Ambidextrous.

Our first product a “One Size Fits Most” Reflective Safety Vest for men and women is targeted at anyone who is looking to increase their visibility and improve their safety with motorists while running, cycling or walking outdoors. The Ambidextrous Reflective Vest provides consumers with an adjustable, lightweight, highly reflective item of sports apparel that is easy to use and care for.

The Ambidextrous range of Reflective Safety Gear has been expanded to include elasticated, adjustable, Reflective Bands that can be used as Ankle bands, Wristbands or Armbands to further enhance your visibility and safety when exercising outdoors in low/poor light conditions or at night when it is dark.

The latest addition to the Ambidextrous Reflective Gear Range is new Reflective Gear Combo Pack includes a One Size Fits Most Reflective Safety Vest and 2 FREE highly Reflective Bands. Together these provide and extremely effective solution for both men and women who are looking for a lightweight reflective safety gear solution to improve their visibility and safety when riding a motorcycle, running, cycling, jogging or walking outdoors.

Utilis Products recommended use for all of these products is during low light conditions such as early morning or early evening and also at night when it is dark when the safety risk is even higher.

Our mission with the Ambidextrous Reflective Safety Gear product range is to enable men and women who exercise outdoors to increase their visibility and consequently reduce their risk and improve their safety while exercising anywhere there is moving traffic.  Our motto with our Reflective Safety Gear is “Be Smart Be Seen Be Safe”

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Utilis Products provide high quality products that deliver clear functional benefits in consumers daily lives at home, work and aligned to their leisure activities, hobbies and interests.

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The Ambidextrous brand has initially applied to a range of sporting goods and aims to be a contemporary, dynamic, quality brand with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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For both pre and post product purchase enquiries please complete the contact us form and we will look to respond within 48 hrs of receipt of your enquiry.

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Ambidextrous Reflective Safety Gear

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Annual US Road Traffic Statistics – Wearing Safety Reflectors means …


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