Utilis Products Launches Ambidextrous – A New Sporting Goods Brand

Utilis Products launches a new product brand “Ambidextrous

The Ambidextrous brand vision is to become a contemporary, functional and quality brand that will deliver products that are inherently symmetrical in their design. The big idea behind the new brand is to provide product solutions that can be used equally well by both right handed and left handed people.

Various studies and research reveals that approximately 10% of the total US population are left handed. What many people do not realise however is that by default most products are designed to be used by right handed people. In many cases this may not be a problem for example Gloves, Socks, but in other cases such as Kitchen Knives, Scissors, Pens etc. it can become awkward and frustrating.

Any products designed and created under the Ambidextrous brand will be tested by both left handed and right handed people prior to being launched to make sure they are suitable for everyone.

This new product brand will initially be applied to a range of sporting & outdoor goods for running, cycling and walking.

A Utilis Products spokesperson said “Our new Ambidextrous brand aims to provide product solutions that will work for everyone regardless of being right or left handed. Our approach is to consider designing and launching products that people find useful, easy to use and that they will use on a regular basis”

The first product to be launched under the Ambidextrous brand will be released online in February 2016 and will be sold exclusively on Amazon. Utils Products has plans to further expand the range of sporting goods launched under the Ambidextrous brand during 2016.

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