14 tips – improve personal safety plus increase visibility with motorists

14 tips and recommendations to BE SMART, BE SEEN, BE SAFE when running outdoors near or in traffic.

Many people will be fully aware that throughout the winter months, going for a sunset run becomes extremely difficult during your working week. This is because there is a high possibility that when you leave the office or your place of work the sun has probably already set. So, if you like to jog after work or early evening throughout the winter time then it is likely you will end up running in the dark which also means you should be even more cautious.

It is worth noting that the National Safety Council states that in the USA 95,000 people are injured annually in accidents involving motorists and that 60% of accidents occur in the dark.

With this in mind Utilis Products 14 Safety Tips for Running When Its Dark”  will help improve overall personal safety while running in low/poor light conditions such as at dawn, dusk or at night when it is completely dark.

We provide a number of simple but effective safety suggestions that will help anyone who likes running, cycling or walking to become more knowledgeable and better prepared in relation to their own personal safety at nighttime when outdoors.

Simple things like following a familiar well lit route and wearing reflective clothing such as a Reflective Vest and Bands will have a significant positive impact on personal safety while running outdoors, especially in low light conditions or when it is dark at night.

Utilis Products is committed to Informing and Educating potential and existing customers on why they should stay safe and how to stay safe when they are out running, cycling or walking in low/poor light conditions or at night when it is dark.

By adopting some or all of the suggested tips including wearing an Ambidextrous‘ Reflective Vest and Bands will help people to ‘Be Smart, Be Seen, Be Safe’ in these circumstances.

Readers can view and read the online white paper by clicking on the following link 14 Safety Tips for Running When Its Dark

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