Utilis Products Launches New Website

New Utilis Products Website is Optimised for All Viewing Devices

Utilis Products has launched a new, fully responsive website that will display the company’s brand and product information to website visitors in an optimised way regardless of the viewing device they are using.

This means that no matter what viewing device (desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone) website visitors use to engage with the Utilis Products website, users will be able to easily view, navigate and interact with Utilis Products online. This will ensure website visitors have a positive user experience regardless of viewing device used.

A Utilis Products spokesperson said “More than 50% of all website browsing and engagement by online visitors is now conducted by people using tablets and smartphones. If your business website does not provide a positive, device optimised, user experience which makes your business website information easy to navigate, access and digest, then you will lose potential customers to your competition”.

The spokesperson went on to say “Businesses also need to be aware that Google now also looks more favourably on websites that are fully responsive as these sites are aligned to Googles SEO strategy and also means that the business only has to be concerned with developing one organic SEO plan”

The new website features and expands on Utilis Products new sporting goods brand “Ambidextrous” and the initial product offering under this new product brand umbrella – “A One Size Fits Most Reflective Safety Vest” for men and women who are into running, cycling or walking. While the Ambidextrous brand is sold exclusively on Amazon, the Utilis Products website allows the company to show case and present its products in greater breadth and depth to existing and potential customers.


The new Utilis Products website will be the primary communication platform for the company to share information and insights with potential and existing customers about the company’s brands and products. While the new website will have an active blog, Utilis Products will also leverage and integrate with various social media platforms and tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. in order to connect with existing and potential customers.

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