Utilis Products Launches New One Size Fits Most Reflective Safety Vest

Utilis Products release a New Innovative Reflective Sports Safety Vest with Adjustable Velcro Shoulder and Waist Straps.

Launched under the brand name Ambidextrous and for sale exclusively on Amazon, this One Size Fits Most reflective safety vest is suitable for both men and women who are looking for a lightweight reflective safety gear solution to improve their visibility and safety when running, cycling, jogging or walking outdoors. 

This new Adjustable Reflective Sports Vest is aimed at both men and women and is designed fit anyone who buys sporting safety apparel with waist sizes that range from 36-50 inches. It achieves this via adjustable velcro shoulder and waist straps that enable the user to adjust the vest to their body size and shape.

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On the inside front of the Ambidextrous reflective vest there is a large, handy, zipper storage pocket that is ideal to store any valuables users may want to take with them (e.g. Cell Phone, Keys, Credit Card and Cash) while exercising outdoors.

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This new reflective safety product provides users with a versatile item of safety clothing that is ideal for running, cycling, jogging and walking outdoors by keep fit enthusiasts.

Utilis Products recommended use for the Reflective Vest is during low light conditions such as early morning or early evening and also at night when it is dark when the safety risk is even higher.

So why should runners, cyclists and walkers care about being more visible to motorists when they are outdoors?

A Utilis Products spokesperson stated “The Accident Facts, National Safety Council states that annually over 60% of accidents occur in the dark while a Cornell University Report “Actionwear: Clothing for Fitness revealed that pedestrians walking in dark clothing at night are first seen approximately 55 feet away which is less than one second driver reaction time. For example, a driver traveling at 60mph needs more than 260 feet to stop and wearing a reflective vest increases the wearers visibility to more than 650ft.”

The Utilis Products spokesperson added “According to studies conducted by the Federal Highway Administration* (FHA), the risk of being hit by a motorist in the dark is 8 times lower wearing a safety reflector. The Federal Highway Administration studies also reported that safety reflectors help increase the visibility of pedestrians by a factor of 5.”   

The Ambidextrous EN471 compliant safety vest uses highly reflective fabric tape material that helps wearers become more visible when exercising outdoors at times when their visibility and safety may be at greatest risk.

Helping wearers to stay up to 8 times safer* than with normal clothing, the Ambidextrous Reflective Safety Vest helps runners, cyclists and walkers be seen by motorists at distances >650 feet while improving 360 degree visibility.

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